Randall Flood: Bring on The Magic74,128 words (complete!)
Tomb of Tomes: Irving Wishbutton 30 words written so far (about 0% complete)
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Posted on December 9, 2017

In two weeks, I'll be off for a good four weeks for Christmas break and track out. I'm very excited by what I have planned for this time.

I am really going to push to finish the first draft of Randall Flood. I estimate I need about 40,000 more words to tell the tale.

In addition, I'll be rereading the second Irving Wishbutton book on the Kindle and making any fixes. I recently spent the last few weeks doing this for the first Irving book and found some fixes that my younger writing self didn't catch. I'm revisiting the two books in this series so closely because the third book in this series, The Tomb of Tomes, is the book I'll be writing this spring.

In addition, Keith is putting together a print version of the first Irving for release in February and then a print version of the second book for May. That will work perfectly to bring more readers over to that series. The third book will debut as an e-book and print book in the fall of 2018. This is a series that is near and dear to me, and I'm ready to jump back into it.

I'm so excited that the last two books I released have been met with solid debut sales. I think a big part of that can be attributed to having a print version available. My print sales are about four times my e-book sales right now.

If you haven't done so, visit my books page and think about ordering some print editions of my books to give out as Christmas gifts. I've heard from a few readers that they're doing just that for the holidays.

Comment by EMILY on SATURDAY, JANUARY 13, 2018...
I am SO excited to see that you will be getting back to this series! I have checked every month to see when Irving will be revived, and now I canít wait!
Comment by BRIAN CLOPPER on SATURDAY, JANUARY 13, 2018...
I'm getting excited too. I can't wait to get that series in print editions. My drive is to do the third book this year and then do two new books before doing the fourth and final book. That means about a year and a half between book 3 and 4.

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