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Posted on January 6, 2015

I set a record today, everyone! A personal one. I just wrote 6,000 words in one day.

I can't get over how easy it has been to slide into the right frame of mind to rewrite Monsters in Boxers. It's amazing to see the growth in my writing from a book I penned over thirteen years ago to what it's becoming now.

And it just keeps driving me to work harder. Things are happening here, folks! This one is a special little fella! And, yes, I realize we writers say that about every new project we undertake. It's hard to not be proud of your most recent and best!

And the humor is so character driven and rolling freely out of the personalities on display. What a great dynamic!

Now back to the story. They're about to put on the boxers. Time to work some magic!

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 2015...
That's amazing! I think my record is about 7500 words... over a weekend!

Can you believe that the famous English author Enid Blyton (who died in 1968 with hundreds of books and thousands of short stories to her name) wrote nearly 10,000 words per day on her old typewriter? She literally sat there all day, every day, without interruption. Since some of her more popular books were 40,000 words, she could write one a week and have Fridays off! (Not quite that simple, but still...)

Anyway, good work!
Comment by BRIAN CLOPPER on TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 2015...
Found some more time to write. Now revised up from 5,000 to 6,000 words.

Keith, I actually think I would be quite prolific if I could do this writing thing full-time. I mean, I wrote almost 200,000 words last year while being a full-time elementary school teacher. Imagine what I could do if I was purely doing the writing thang!

It also helps to have a colleague who pushes you to write as well. :)

Also, I just wrote a scene with a paper monster, something the first book never had. Origami beasties are just divine!

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