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Posted on August 17, 2014

Writing about love is hard.

I set myself up for a real challenge with We Three Meet. I thought I would roll in and tell a light, breezy tale of how two people fall for each other.

And then the characters came along and messed things up.

I should've known they wouldn't play nice. Love isn't something that unfolds with beauty and grace. We might look back at it and think it does, but it doesn't.

There are obstacles galore. In mine, it's the author who comes between the two, causing a fissure. Try as the writer might, he can't seem to force the couple to cooperate and find true love.

I just wrote a scene where I thought the two characters would finally get on the same page and that just didn't happen. Although, I am finally seeing where they eventually will. That's a relief because I almost had myself convinced a week ago that I had painted myself into a corner.

Our society puts a lot of stock in landing the girl by sweeping her off her feet. We Three Meet shows that sometimes toes get stubbed when you try to do that. Hopefully, that's the only thing that's in need of mending when the story finds its ending.

Writing a book is a journey. You don't always know where the plot will take you. That's scary and exciting. It motivates me to keep driving forward.

We Three Meet is way out of my comfort zone, but I'm finding it's been my most engaging work to date. I'm hoping readers will feel the same.

Off to go find out if I can weave more of a story that is witty, relevant, and tugs at your heartstrings pure old school.


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