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Posted on February 26, 2015

Dear New Visitor to this Strange Corner of the Internet,

Between March 1st and and March 25th, I'm having a contest. If you've dropped by to enter, please use the subscribe feature at the top of the page. Any who sign-up for updates will win a chance to have their favorite little person (daughter, son, niece, nephew, etc.) immortalized in a sketch that shows them as they are and as they would look if they slipped on the high-tech boxers from my newest book: Monsters in Boxers: Chaos at the Door.

That's right, I'll turn your little monster into a super-powered monster. And when I say little monster, I mean it in an endearing way. I'm not calling your offspring anything awful. I'm sure their quite pleasant and sweet.

Since I'm hoping some new eyes will be checking in here over the next few weeks, I wanted to give you a little of the hard but sincere sell.

I'm a fifth grade teacher who has been writing quite creative novels over the past four years. I tend to spend my writing time actually writing and do very little marketing and touting of my work. I'm rather reserved with tooting my own horn and that works against me at times. On the positive side, I'm incredibly productive in the writing department. I appreciate all the readers who try out my works and hope they will come back for more. My fanbase is small but growing.

I am building my brand through projects that are imaginative and filled with heart. I've managed to publish twenty books in the last four years, and my ambitions are high for the next ten years.

While my books are targeted for the child in all of us, they are enjoyed by young and old alike. The Graham the Gargoyle series has been raved about for how the characters grow and change throughout the three volumes in much the same way Harry Potter and his classmates at Hogwart's have evolved through their seven books.

Please look through some of my old posts. I frequently discuss my creative process and how my books come together. Check out my published projects and see if a few don't strike your fancy. If you read any of my novels and like them, please consider posting reviews and spreading the word about the new author you've discovered. A big determiner in a writer reaching critical mass with their readership is through the efforts of fans that help their favorite characters out. Now I'm not saying you need to go out and dress up as Graham the Gargoyle for this Halloween (I mean, that would be very cool), but any exposure and support you can lend me is deeply appreciated.

Help me realize a dream of seeing Graham and his friends immortalized in a Lego video game. Yes, I dream big and blocky. :)

I post about four times a month, more when I am tracked out from teaching, and I hope you'll enjoy coming back to my site to see what new ideas I'm unleashing on the unsuspecting public.

Thanks for taking the time on someone new to you, and I hope you find a book that speaks to you from among my works.


Brian Clopper


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