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Posted on July 16, 2012

Okay, here's a post devoted to telling you why you should run off and try IRVING WISHBUTTON AND THE QUESTING ACADEMY. I sat down a reread the book recently, after not having looked at it in over a year, and darn if the little fantasy tale isn't awesome.

Now, I know everyone and their pet turtle are on the web touting how good their little books are, but let me encapsulate my plea this way with a little role-playing. If only this worked in real life.

Me: Hey, I have a book I published.

You (trying to avoid eye contact or any sense that you want to feed my interest): You do?

Me: It's really good.

You: It is?

Me: You should read it.

You (noticing a mole on your forearm you make a note to check about on your next dermatologist appointment): Maybe I will.

Me: But seriously, it's really good.

You (your mind suddenly open and aware that I truly have a gift to share with you): But seriously, you say?

Me: I do. It's the bee's knees and the cat's pajamas.

You: Well, if you have the gumption to evoke the 'but seriously' method of persuasion and you say it's just as popular as the joints of a stinging insect or the evening wear of a discerning feline, I'm sold. Where can I find this hidden gem that the book world is ignoring?

Me: It's on the Kindle and only 2.99. For three dollars you can enter a world where heroes, villains and supporting characters go to a school to learn how to have a proper quest.

You: And what's this book called that will make me rethink my reality and possibly name my firstborn after one of the leads?

Me: IRVING WISHBUTTON AND THE QUESTING ACADEMY. It's gotten a rave review from Piers Anthony and a very smart reader in California who feels it's a great YA book that deserves to be thrown into the discussion of similar novels like Harry Potter.

You: All right, well I'll be sure to give it a try. Look for me to spread the word if I like it enough.

Me: Oh you will. Thanks so much.

Now if only the world querying of agents and publishers operated that easily.


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