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Posted on January 25, 2015

Yep, I couldn't resist. here's the first stab at my new book, Angus Farseek: Untimely Agent.

Chapter 1

Angus Farseek Remembrance Journal: Entry #1

Here's the sequence of events.

Distracted by text.

Ice Patch.




And then the little creatures call Quick Slivers appeared. I didn't know their name at the time, but that's one of the first things Epoch Rex deemed worth my while to know.

For now, that's all I'm willing to write down about my death. Correction, untimely death.

Chapter 2

My existence is a bit of a grey area. So I died, but technically didn't die. I mean, I'm going to die. Everybody does, but 'everybody' gets to tack vague words like eventually or down the road to that loaded statement.

I, however, know my death is a split second away.

Confused? So was I. So am I.

Let me take it back to just after the Quick Sliver creatures showed up.


My car was falling toward the dense woods below. When you're mid-air, pumping on the brakes and yanking the steering wheel left and right, it accomplishes a whole lot of nothing.
Full-Panic mode set in.

I was seconds from dying.

Suddenly, four little creatures made of silver blinked into existence on my dashboard. They were no more than six inches tall and moved at a feverish speed. Their skulls were pointed, reminding me of the shape of a pea pod from the side. Little black eyes. Tiny mouths and stubby tails.

You would think hallucinations would only take root after the impact, but not this time. Pretty optimistic of me to think I would be walking away from this crash with just a battered noggin and a parade of figments.

They darted around the interior of the car, whirling about me as if I were the center of a hurricane.

It was dazzling and for the briefest of seconds I watched them fly around, creating a sizeable amount of air turbulence.

I chanced a look out the windshield, expecting to see the pine branches of the stout trees native to this part of Elmer County, rushing up at me, one in particular on a course to impale first the car then me.

But the trees weren't rushing.

I could see their treetops, but they weren't getting any closer.

I looked out my side window to see that my car was frozen in place. In mid-air.

The silver apparitions – of which I was certain they had to be at the time – continued their flurry of activity, revolving around me, almost a quicksilver blur.

One stepped out of the maddening circular roundabout and hovered in front of my face, easily able to gouge my eyes out with its tiny claws if it were so inclined.

It spoke, its words almost as accelerated as its twitching movements. "Off we go now!"

I felt my body pulled upward. I shoved my arms above my head defensively, hoping to prevent crashing into the ceiling.

Instead, my body passed through the car and out into the open air.

The cyclone of silver creatures moved with me, still running around me. Instinctively, I knew they were the reason for my sudden ability to phase through metal and stand about in the air.

I wagged my feet, scrutinizing them as much as the car and the good portion of guardrail wrapped around its front bumper stood frozen in the air. My ride was still not plunging toward certain death.

The creature bopped me faintly on the nose and shot me a look of impatience. "Had your fill?"


"Answers from someone else. Just the delivery is all we have to muster." He tipped his pea-pod head at me and rejoined his swirling compatriots.

The air around me gusted even more, the very air pressure ratcheting up a notch. Being at the eye of a hurricane, even a mini one precipitated by odd creatures, is not an enviable position.

Off we go? What was going on?

A second later, before I had time to dwell on my unusual plight – off we went.


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