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Posted on January 7, 2015

A valid criticism of the first Monsters in Boxers was that I didn't do a very good job describing the monsters each of the kids turn into. This time around, I'm going into lots of ghastly detail. Witness the first transformation of one of our young do-gooders. This is the first part of chapter 9 where Troy tries on the magical boxers from the far-flung future of 2088.

Look for some sketches of these creepy, but lovable, heroes to show up on the site sometime next week.


Chapter 9

Jason fell back against his mom's car, bringing his hands up to shield his eyes from the blinding light pouring out of Troy.

His friend had shoved on his boxers and now glowed brighter than a Fourth of July sparkler.

As they watched, Troy continued to glow, his brightness fading slightly except for the yellow stripes on his boxers. Those abruptly flared brighter and maintained their intensity.

Thankfully, their lit-up friend wasn't as blinding now and could be scrutinized without fear of going blind.

"Are you feeling all right?" Reggie asked.

"Sort of numb," Troy said, "Like I got major funny bone all over!"

Troy's body started expanding.

Troy's voice rose, tinged with wonder and a little panic. "Okay, something's happening. I'm ballooning. Feels weird in my tummy. Little churny."

Jason cringed. Not wanting to see his friend lose his lunch, he looked away.

Amy said, "Take them off if it gets to be too much."

He peeked at his friend again. If he looked like he was going to hurl, Jason would shut his eyes and cover his ears. Seeing others get sick made him retch and he didn't to do that. But his desire to witness Troy's transformation outweighed the risk of tossing his cookies.
Troy waved an inflated arm at her. "Let me ride this out."

From the way his friend's appendages were inflating and deflating, Jason wasn't so sure he wanted to try on the boxers. What was Troy supposed to eventually become? Boxus had said they would receive special abilities. Such as?

Troy stuck out his chest and groaned. His torso expanded three times its size. His t-shirt and pants from earlier were missing.

Where had they gone? Vaporized by the process, more than likely.

Troy noticed the same thing. "Hey, my clothes skedaddled. I've still got the boxers on, don't I?" He looked at his mid-section. The underwear had not abandoned him yet. "Whew! Thank goodness."

Troy's upper torso stayed massive. His waist and legs, however, shrunk. To compensate for his wildly irrational proportions, his feet expanded, growing thicker and fuller to give him a stable base.

A fleshy cowl wove itself into being just behind his head as his hair went the way of his clothes. His eyes swelled, becoming large black pools, while his nose dissolved, leaving behind two vertical slits. Three fat, front teeth jutted up from his lower jaw as dozens of four-inch-long tentacles erupted from his collar bones, dancing in the air right under his chin.
Troy, his voice, deeper and with a rasp, said, "Gross! I'm some sort of mutant beast!"

The glow faded, revealing his complexion was now a road-crew-cone orange with a random pattern of yellow spots splashed across his chest. The final change occurred to his shoulders. A series of three overlapping shells nested within one other, each bigger and longer than the next. They covered his shoulders and much of his upper arms, resembling shoulder pads by way of stacked tortoise shells. They, along with the cowl and ridge of tentacles settled into a dark red, contrasting well against his orange skin.


And of course the chapter goes on, but you get the idea. Troy is one monstrous dude with his boxers on.


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