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Posted on July 12, 2013

The first full week of Graham 3 proved quite productive. I managed to get 17,000 words written.

Here are a couple tidbits from this week:

The book is called Ot's Ordeal and the little troll now gets chapters told from his narrative point of view. Adding his perspective to the chapters told from Flenn and Graham's point of view really creates a nice contrast and allows me to showcase even more varied scenes.

The subplots really moved forward thanks to a tight outline that I managed to honor. I didn't do too much seat-of-the-pants writing other than the scene where Ot and Graham hunt for secrets with the aid of the librarian's crow, Scrim. The two have to work after school for the Celestial Institute's librarian, a retired Valykrie. Ms. Nelhim is going to play an important part in the climax and will be one who forces Ot to make a very hard choice. Hence, the title Ot's Ordeal.

Graham 4 also got its title this week too: Laroonae's Lament.

Oh, and it looks like Graham 5 will be about the Flying Mummy. It's a story that is referenced in Graham 3 and will really shed some light on the realm's favorite mummified hero.

Hoping next week will yield another 17,000 words. If I can manage that, I think I can finish the book in August. Yea! I am aiming for an October release of Graham 3.


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