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Posted on June 15, 2012

Just a quick post to tell you that TURNCOATS is free on the Kindle until midnight tonight. It's day one of a promotion I will offer five times over the course of the 90 Days where the book is an exclusive at Amazon.

Download for free, stay to witness a creepy scene of zombies stalking through a forest of kudzu.

Comment by EMILY ROGERS on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 2012...
Im reading Tagalong and I have never read a book like it before in my life. Such a creative style of writing that just brings me into the word of Myriad.
I also love Graham the Gargoyle 1&2. Such a fantasy, I am pulled away from normal life.
Comment by BRIAN CLOPPER on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 2012...
Thank you, Emily. It means a lot that you enjoyed the books. I always worry I'm forcing students to read my novels, but you prove me wrong. Wait until you see my next book, Irving Wishbutton. The cover is a gem and pushes all the right buttons. I am betting you will love it and Stomper Rex.

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