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Posted on March 24, 2014

I have been a fan of the comic book series since issue one and have greatly enjoyed the television series as well. As the finale for this season draws near, I wanted to dive in and share some of my thoughts. There are spoilers ahead for those who didn't watch "Us" last night.

Many have complained about the meandering focus of the back half of this season. I don't understand why. It makes sense that a group would get broken apart from time to time with the circumstances they are in. I also makes sense that they should have a meeting point planned out for just that situation. in this case, Rick and company didn't. They grew too complacent in their prison. From this experience, the survivors will be more aware that no place is truly safe. Having had a taste of the community they had, it would become a driving force to find the others of their band, which it has.

The road to Terminus has been filled with excellent moments of character development. I loved the Carol and Tyreese episode the best. My least favorite was the prolonged episode with Beth and Daryll. Their story arc felt padded.

Here are my predictions:

Terminus is the end of the line. It is pretty clear they plan on having the inhabitants be cannibals. They lure in desperate survivors, have them sit down for a meal of veggies to plump them up, and then off to the feedstock pens.

I think when Daryl's group meets up with Rick, Darryl will save Rick by jumping in and claiming him thus preventing the group from exacting their revenge. The loophole that will lead to a prominent demise will be that he didn't claim Carl or Michonne. My bet is Michonne is not long for this world since they are building up her bond with Carl.

The finale is supposed to be savage. I am thinking that Rick and his group enter into a reluctant alliance with Daryl's group after surviving an ambush from Terminus and go in guns blazing to rescue those within.

I know much has been said about Sasha dying, but I think it will be her brother who doesn't survive. Maybe he's even done in saving Carol.

What I hope to see in the future. I would really like the group to find a substantial outpost of survivors and have the tide turn on the zombies. The narrative would become about reclaiming the world rather than always being on the run. It would have a frontier feel to it with the focus being on how to rebuild a world that has been so torn down. That is a long, sprawling epic that I would like to see.


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