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Posted on July 3, 2014

Book Two of the Turncoats series, Overwhelmed, is done! The conclusion really went quickly. Lots of explosions, transformations, and hideous secrets! It really sets up the third book for a ton of slam-bang action.

I have to put together an Author's Note and then it will sit for two weeks before I do a final read through. What this means is I can have it out to my beta readers as early as the last week of July. I am so excited to see this book published. It really takes zombies to a whole new level. You'll have to read it to see what I mean. I can't give away the big twist here.

Below is the summary of the first book to remind readers what has gone before:

What Has Come Before

High school freshman Nathan Bristol's ordinary life is turned upside down when his sister's best friend, Trina Bivens, returns from the grave with a dire warning. A zombie herself, thankfully not of the chomping variety, she warns Nathan that more of her kind will be coming, and they will be filled with an insatiable hunger. Nathan pushes the undead girl away, refusing to believe her.

Only when her prophetic words start to come true and black towers sprout from the earth the world round, does he begin to accept his role in the End Times. Those who come in contact with the towers are transformed into mindless zombies and filled with an appetite to spread their unholy contagion. A dark force controls the outbreak and taunts Trina through nightmarish visions. But she is not alone against this primeval entity. A creature of light appears in her waking dreams and implores her to safeguard Nathan, that he is the key to saving the world.

After Nathan rescues his mother from a grocery store overrun by zombies, he returns to his home to find their father is missing, presumed to have fallen in the first wave of the undead.
Nathan and Jessie's home is soon assaulted by zombies and they flee on foot with Trina, their mother and their kindly, if nosy, neighbor, Mrs. Merriweather. As they fend off zombies, they join up with a determined father and son, Ted and Jeremy, who help them evade a government refuge and relocation center that falls to the zombies.

They flee the ravaged city of Raleigh, North Carolina, thinking their chances are better out in the country. They make it to the home of Ted's mother-in-law near Lake Gaston.

At every turn, Trina's condition as a zombie with her humanity intact draws different reactions. Some respond in fear and shock while a few welcome her with open arms. She knows her presence is a catalyst for change, but is it one that will cause her to burn up, losing herself in the process?

The dark force gets a bead on them through her link with the light. It directs a horde of zombies to attack their makeshift sanctuary. Nathan leaves his mother and sister with Ted and his family and flees with Trina, drawing the zombies away from his family.

The pair are now on the road in a van stocked with supplies and a few weapons, their destination given to them by the last vision bestowed to Trina by the light: head for the hills. Answers await them in the mountains.

With the dark force eager to put an end to them, these two teens, one alive and the other very much dead, must come together to save the world or see it fall to a sinister and mysterious agenda.


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