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Posted on March 15, 2013

Let's talk about how ideas explode into your head without provocation.

Here I am writing a chapter of Graham 3 from Flenn's perspective, when a truly delightful character springs into life so utterly and completely. Flenn has to work a shift at the school's food hall as punishment for a terrible thing she did in class. Okay, it wasn't horrible, but her teacher, Ambassador Preedle, is a foppish bore and nasty stickler. Anyway, I name-dropped Madame LeFloon as the cook in charge of the food hall, having no idea what magical creature she would be and certainly not thinking of her as more than just a speed bump in the plot. Well, when Flenn meets her, I suddenly sparked to her magical heritage and her unfortunate magical uniqueness. Hey, everyone should know that when I deliver a gnome, it's not going to be anything pedestrian and predictable.

What is her truly special quality? What now makes my author's heart go pitter-patter?

Simply read the taunting text below that I sent to my two best writing buds, Keith and Roger. I had to gloat about my awesome new character.

"I have crafted just the best supporting character. Madame LeFloon, a gnome in charge of the food hall kitchen who gives Flenn a hard time. She's a rare gnome who gets larger with each yawn she endures. She shrinks down to normal size at night after a decent night's rest. That's right, I went there. I created a yawn gnome."

Sounds pretty good, huh? She's grouchy and really steals the show. I have a feeling she might thrust herself into the story in more than just this one scene. Inspired characters tend to do that.

I am so pleased with the divine world-building going on in this new volume. I can't wait to unleash it on my gargoyle-loving readers.


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