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Posted on October 14, 2012

10. The Stumblepots! Graham has a family of bats in his basement who he goes to when he needs advice. They're a lively bunch and almost steal the show, especially PJ Stumblepot!

9. The Flying Mummy has a walk-through appearance. Although, when Norton runs into him, the pharaoh isn't exactly feeling himself. Can you say switcheroo?

8. Orville the Basilisk is just about the cutest little reptile who can turn you to stone if he looks at you funny you'll ever meet. And his magical goggles that keep his powers in check make him nigh irresistible.

7. Dudley the Ghost and why dairy products are so very, very good for him is a stroke of genius. Why does this little poltergeist crave the dairy? Well it ain't just for calcium, folks! Seriously, you will never look at cottage cheese the same way again.

6. Morrie the Moat Monster. I don't want to give too much away, but that's Morrie on the cover with the clipboard and boy is he tired of swimming in circles guarding a castle for a pittance.

5. The cast of Graham the Gargoyle crosses over. The events in Norton and Graham are happening simultaneously and the overlap that occurs in this book reveals more about Graham and helps Norton see things from a different perspective.

4. Whoopsie Daisies, people! Yes, Cascade's exotic flora is at it again. Wait until you witness what these carnivorous plants are capable of.

3. Mathematics is where it's at! I wouldn't be true to myself if there wasn't some educational value embedded in this sucker. You can brush up on prime and composite numbers in a scene that makes Norton feel very lonely through numbers.

2. Oswald the Orc is a brute with a passionate soul. He's the strong dude who's always looking out for everyone. And wait until you find out his Achilles' Heel.

1. Norton's not a vampire burdened with shiny good looks, chiseled muscles and a desire to be tossed into a love triangle like so many vamps these days. He has bigger ambitions. The kid wants to be a lifeguard, out in the sun, on the beach. That's gotta have more pathos than those sissy bloodsuckers who mope around all weepy-eyed for the fairer sex.


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