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Posted on February 14, 2014

I am taking this week to reread the first half of Irving 2 so it can help me to envision the last 25,000 words.

I am pleased with the more intimate nature of the narrative, how it focuses on Roon and Irving over the larger cast.

I am also seeing some wonderful themes of identity and self-worth along with self-definition coming into sharper focus in this book. Book one is about the ugly road one takes to find themselves and looks at how much we define ourselves based on the role our creator/parents carve out for us.

In this book it really works to show how characters and young adults take it upon themselves to decide who they are. I really see Irving as my big, coming-of-age saga. It is playing with conventions so nicely and answering questions while still teasing out other mysteries. It has also helped me decide where to take the story in the final fourth book.

I am so excited at the schedule I have put forth for the series. Readers can count on seeing a new book for the next three years in Late Spring.


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