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Posted on April 15, 2014

Writing a pivotal scene where one of the main characters has to resort to firing a gun. I know that seems a little silly to fret about becuase guns and zombies go so well together, but Turncoats is about two teens. I wanted them to use other weapons outside of the typical fare. And in book one, they did, brandishing an umbrella, bats, forklifts, watermelons, golf clubs, and even sparklers to do in the undead. Neither Trina nor Nathan resorted to using a gun because, like many of us, they have never fired one before.

Well, in book two, one of them has to use a handgun. How the weapon falls into their hands is logical and gives one of them a choice. Having never fired a gun before and being faced with doing it to end a life, even an undead one, is a far uglier proposition for Trina and Nathan. I know it is not an easy thing for me to contemplate doing. For some reason, going at it with a bat or clubbing weapon doesn't seem as morally devisive to me.

In order to get my facts straight about the gun the character uses, I consulted my brother-in-law, a retired Army officer. I have my questions into him now and hope the details he gives me can make the scene have a ring of authenticity to it.

The second book puts our main characters in one tough spot after another. Afterall, when you call a book Overwhelmed, you better deliver. As I write one suspenseful scene after another with our two heroes against the world, I find my typing speed zooming higher and higher. At this rate, I should be well past 25,000 words by the end of the week. I got 3,500 words done just today alone! Hot diggity!

I am eager to unleash this book onto the world and hope it can be in your hands in July or August.


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