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Posted on July 30, 2017

Ghost Coast is done, even the Author's Note!

I am so pleased with what I got done this track out. I started back in on this novel with the word count at 26,000 at the beginning of July. Four weeks later, the final word count hit 71,128. 45,000 words in a month is awesome!

I head back to my classroom tomorrow and will spend the next nine weeks getting to know a whole new cast of characters, a splendid class of fifth graders. I am eager to see what this new crop of writers, scientists, and mathematicians can show me.

While working hard during the day being a fifth grade teacher, I'll spend the nights and weekends reworking Ghost Coast and really smoothing things out. If it all works out fine, the book should see publication in October.

Now for my October track out, I'll start on a new project. Right now it's going to be about a teenage sorcerer in modern times. I thought I might stage it in the eighties (making it my third book in a row taking place in that decade), but part of me wants to get back to current day. We'll see which setting wins out in the end.

Thanks for all the support with the recent launch of The Powers That Flee. That book has really been enjoying some solid sales both as an e-book and in print.


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